Certificate of energie efficiency

On April 14th, 2013, a law has been passed by force on Royal Decree 235/2013 for approving the basic procedure for the Certification of Energy Efficiency of buildings and homes and determines that there must be  presented a mandatory Energy Certificate for any sale, publish or lease transaction starting from June 1, 2013.

This decree applies to any property used as a commercial premise or residence, that have been built after 01.11.2007 and  which has a surface area greater than 50 m2. The certificate will influence the decisions to buy or rent properties, furthering the development of energy-efficient buildings and energy saving investments.

Theoretically we are obliged to take the property off from our internet-side if such a certificate has not been presented to us.

Any property built after this date must have, as written by the Spanish law CTE ( CODICO TECNICO DE LA EDIFICACION), this certificate. Please supply us with a registered copy at your earliest convenience for our records.

We also like to create this contact for you.

Best regards

Bettina Schönberger

Ingo Kleinert